09 Mar 2012
SKET Screencaptures
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Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I'm very bussy and Lily is "missing" (hopefully she is working in something new)

Anyway I've added the screencaptures of SKET film. Lily was brilliant!


17 Dec 2011
Who should be the new Doctor Who assistant?
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Ben Skipper from Yahoo TV UK & Ireland has wrote an interesting article about who should be the new Doctor Who asistant, and Lily is on his list.

Lily Loveless (apart from having an amazing name) has been popping up here and there in TV-land for a while now. Initially she was part of the cast of the second series of ‘Skins’ and more recently she has been seen in BBC3 series ‘The Fades’. An ever-improving actress, she also popped up in the final series of CBBC’s ‘Sarah Jane Adventures’ as Ellie Faber. Have the seeds already been planted for the Doctor’s next assistant?

Read the whole list HERE

18 Nov 2011
A Couple Of Pictures...
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I've added to the gallery a couple of pictures. Lily has attended a couple of weeks ago to the Film Nation Short Awards, I've found two pictures for her and I've added to pictures from Flavour Magazine CoverShoot.

Check them out :)

04 Nov 2011
Flavour Mag videos
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Flavour Magazine has uploaded two videos. One is from the behind the scenes of their covershoot and the other from the SKET premiere.

On the other hand I've added to the gallery some promotionals pictures of SKET and a still (if I found them in better quality or more new stills/promotionals I will post them).

29 Oct 2011
Girl in the hood: Lily Loveless
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Live Magazine has interviewed Lily. You may read it below:

Tell us about the character you’re playing?
I’m playing Hannah who is best friends with one of the girls Danielle. She uses the gang as a family unit because she doesn’t really have anyone else. She’s very awkward, very uncomfortable in her own skin and feels really ugly. She can’t really express herself so has all this built up frustration which makes her quite angry and violent.

What made you choose a film like Sket?
I’d never read a script that was so centred on women. Men tend to get the best roles written for them, and that’s what drew me to it at first, and that’s what drew me to the role of Hannah. Everyone has that side to them, where you wish you could just unleash, smash a car up and get all of the anger out.

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28 Oct 2011
Sket Exclusive Cast and Crew Q&A
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28 Oct 2011
The Fades Episode 6 HD Screencaptures
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I've added to the gallery the screencaptures of the last episode of
By the way, if you are on twitter, please sign it up this twittion for Series 2 HERE :)

On the other hand remember: SKET MOVIE IS OUT TODAY. Spread the word everyone!

Enjoy the screencaptures!

24 Oct 2011
SKET clips
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